What's In It For Me?

Our students  learn that their Leadership Training began the day they enrolled.  However, claiming it is only the First  Step.  PALS is where the Work Begins.

"As the founder of NVEEE, and the facilitator of most of our in school workshops, I realized that although we were reaching thousands of students on an annual basis, we could do more. I also knew from surveys, experience and being a mentor to multiple young people, that our next step had to be reaching students outside of the classrooms and during the Summer. Often times our work is only as effective as the schools who will allow us to reach their students. We needed to create a safe space where ALL students, regardless of their socio-economic status, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs, could meet somewhere in the middle, talk about the things that have profound impacts on their lives, and allow them the arena to express it - openly and without judgement. I could tell you what I think you will get from the program, but it's so much more impactful if some of the past participants share their experiences with you." - PALS Program Director, Jowharah Sanders


"The experience at PALS not only lead me to take the reigns on my life, but helped me want to help other people's lives as well, with the skills and ideas provided by PALS. Not only did it make me feel empowered, it made me want to empower those who couldn't do it by themselves, for those who needed just that little extra push to finding that spark of inspiration, leading to a wildfire of creativity and imagination that only comes from true happiness and honest self love." - Josh (PALS 2015 Delegate promoted to PALS 2016 Jr. Staff)

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