PALS 2019:

University of Central Florida | June 23-26 | Fees: $275 with Food



UCF Deadline: May 30 at 11:59PM

(or until spaces are filled)
















PALS is open to teens ages 14-19 looking to increase their leadership skills. We welcome participants from around the world, however, keep in mind that the program is delivered in English. Many of our students speak second and third languages such as: Spanish, Creole, French, German, and American Sign Language.  To date, PALS has impacted over 500 participants and takes pride in the fact that our students are diverse not only in ethnicity, but also in gender identity/expression, and socioeconomic status.  Everyone is treated with kindness and respect.


University of Central Florida | 4000 Central Florida Blvd, Orlando, FL 32816



Visit the UCF page and watch the video tour


















All events are held on campus. There won't be a reason for your student to need transportation anywhere. If the student chooses to drive to PALS, their keys will be collected until checkout for their safety.  They will also be responsible for all parking fees.



The student as a whole person is our primary concern. Therefore, in regards to their physical safety, there will be 24-hour adult supervision, security and first-aid personnel (certified CPR) will always be on site. We have trained therapists and social workers working alongside us. 

Adult to student ratio is 1:10 with additional volunteers on site at all times.



Delegates will earn 30 volunteer hours at PALS at UCF. If your school requires you to complete a certain number of community service hours in order to earn a graduation credit, please bring your form to PALS to be signed.


UCF Challenge Course

The UCF Challenge Course program is committed to enhance team-building, self-confidence, and leadership development through adventure-based learning experiences. 

We design your program based on group needs and goals. Activities can be tailored to strengthen group cohesiveness, communication, trust, group processing, interpersonal relationships, individual members' self-awareness and confidence level. Through our activities, groups are being socially, mentally, physically, and environmentally challenged in a positive and fun environment.

We will be participating in the Low Elements of the Challenge Course. No climbing involved - 2 to 7 hour long programs.

Focuses on the group as a whole by presenting problem-solving scenarios that require and develop teamwork, trust, leadership, and communication skills. The group finds success through working together and depending upon the member's strengths.

To learn more about UCF's Challenge Course click on the 'UCF Challenge Course' button below


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