After PALS, There are Many Ways to Get Involved

Become a Peace Ambassador

What is the NVEEE Peace Ambassador Program?


NVEEE’s Peace Ambassador Program is a leadership program comprised of students who serve as leaders in the efforts to prevent bullying, suicide and violence in their communities. Studies show the most effective interventions against bullying are those between peers of similar ages, highlighting the importance of having dedicated adolescents to serve as advocates for the anti-bullying movement.


NVEEE Peace Ambassadors are dedicated to empowering other students to help create a safer and more inclusive environment for the ENTIRE school community.

Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a diverse youth-led group from across the country who advises NVEEE’s Board of Directors and Executive Team on social and educational matters that students care about most. They have a primary “say” in what’s represented in NVEEE’s signature bullying prevention workshops and they help to develop projects and campaigns related to the organization’s work, including the Peace Ambassador and Mentoring Programs.



Junior Staff Committee

At the end of PALS, a select group of students are chosen to be leaders at the next PALS. They will not be warned or notified prior to selection. You'll find out when it's time; just be yourself and have fun!


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