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The Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS) is a program provided by National Voices for Equality, Education and Enlightenment (NVEEE) where high school students develop their leadership and interpersonal skills in a real life setting, among their peers. PALS values diversity and ensures a judgement-free environment where students share personal experiences and connect with peers from different walks of life.
PALS in Orlando is held at University of Central Florida (UCF) and is a snapshot of the full program in Miami. Workshops on both campuses range from hot topics impacting youth like building positive body image, learning how to take a stand in bullying situations, the importance of mentoring, gun violence in schools, life-skills training such as teaching interview skills and resume writing, career/college preparation and how to search for scholarships and grants, and more. 
PALS in Miami is held at Florida International University (FIU) and is co-sponsored by The Honors College at FIU. This week-long experience is designed to provide a more intensive focus on teaching leadership, diversity and inclusion, building life skills, enhancing self-care techniques and more.
Activities on both the UCF and FIU campuses will include our three signature events: Art Therapy, Artist Showcase, and a themed Prom night. However, the additional days at FIU leaves room for a pool party, karaoke and movie nights, morning yoga, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. 
Students leave with tools to help them succeed in their education and career paths after our signature Career Day (at both UCF and FIU), as well as a heightened sense of respect for the opinions of others. One thing is for certain. Students that attend PALS always leave with tools to help them succeed in their education and career goals, as well as a heightened sense of tolerance and respect for others.
University of Central Florida | June 23-26 | Deadline: May 30 | Fees: $275
Florida International University | July 14-21 | Deadline: May 30 | Fees: $370
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